Def’n: connecting - you to your audience.

We want to be your single point of contact, your partner in all your digital marketing needs. From social media, to campaign design, let us handle the stress of the ever-changing platforms of marketing outlets on your behalf.

  • Verticals

    The "Vertical" Philosophy

    Media Nexus prides itself on understanding audiences and engaging them in a way that is unique to their lifestyle. Segmenting audiences into a vertical allows us to strategize and optimize campaigns and marketing tools with more focus and targeting.

  • Women

    Complex. Diverse. Understood.

    Women are the world’s largest consumers. However, their ranges of interests are truly complex and diverse. Our appreciation and understanding of this inherent aspect allows us to position ourselves alongside them, instead of merely in front of them.

  • Men

    Bold. Unique. Dynamic.

    Male consumers are unique in the way in which they consume. They are no longer the stereotypical "simple man" that is typically perceived. The male role and their consumer behavior are constantly changing. Understanding these trends in change is where success in targeting these men will begin.

  • Health

    Wellness. Fitness. Strength.

    Attention to health and wellness has been one of the most notable trends in the last century. Staying on the curve of these trends gives us a unique advantage in targeting health and wellness enthusiasts.

  • Business

    Perceptive. Accurate. Distinct.

    Information is at the core of this target demographic. As such, accuracy, efficiency, and value are integral aspects of their interests.

  • Family

    Growth. Warmth. Home.

    Homemakers make up a significant portion of the consumer market. From parenting to interior decorating, these individuals are the go-to personnel in the household to get things done.

  • Food

    Mouth Watering. Delectable. Adventure.

    The foodie trend has truly become a movement, celebrating the great experience of delicious eats. We believe that focusing on the visual and online experience of food discovery deserves attention.



Digital and Branding Services Bringing Your Vision To Life.

  • Brand Development
  • Public Relations and Event Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Online Lead Generation
  • ROI Assessments



Breathing Fresh Air Into Your Brand.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editing
  • Copywriting



Fresh. Innovative. Passionate

The ideology that grips the core of our team is hunger. No matter what it takes, we are eager to deliver each and every client a product that they will be equally passionate about, as we are about our work.

We live by working hard and playing hard together, with the belief that this then turns back around into working even harder. Our team is like a family and it is this trust between individuals that makes our collaborative efforts that much stronger.

Principles That Guide Us

  • Ambition
  • Imagination
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Client Service



The Ecosystem

Our belief is that every role and position is a part of a cohesive ecosystem, resulting in a strong and committed team. Each team member is an important asset to the company and, recognizing that, our priority is to always make sure that each person is taken care of.

We are always looking for the right, hungry, people to join our team. We believe that when the right people come along, bringing them onboard will result in a growth that can only be upwards.

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In The Cube

'In The Cube' is our training and incubation program offered to individuals who are interested in learning about and developing projects in the online and digital sphere.

We provide individuals interested in the program with resources and tools to build their project and to learn how to monetize them.

Contributor & Training Programs

Learning about the online sphere of marketing is a tool that is becoming increasingly important in today's advancing digital age. This program is designed to teach individuals aspects of the full scope of online and digital marketing and/or to have them contribute to one of our projects. Qualifications for the program range from individuals who know little to nothing about the industry to those who are already well experienced in certain aspects. Our hope is to train them to become well-rounded online and digital marketing experts.

Note: A high percentage of applicants who succeed in joining the team on a permanent basis have been alumni from these programs.

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